Thursday, August 30, 2012

Peace, Love,

Live To Give

This past July I was fortunate enough to go on a mission trip with the youth of our church to help the less fortunate.  (a blog will be written soon about this trip in the weeks to come) One of the nightly events was a presentation from the "hippie girl" which started off with a chant - Peace, Love, Live to Give -

This photo of Haley pretty much sums it up. Sometimes we sit right in the midst of rough waves crashing in all around us, just like Haley is doing. We get hit from the left, the right and smack dab in the back, not knowing what happened or why a certain event went so terribly wrong. With the busy, everyday ups and downs we experience, we need to remind ourselves life is about peace, love and giving.

The world we presently live in is not very peaceful.  With all the killing, abuse and bullying that goes on in our world between our fellow human beings, it's not very loving.  Our present world is so caught up in the monetary aspect of life, selfishness takes over and people are not very giving.  We also have to remind ourselves we don't have to give money, just a little time to help others, but most people have also become selfish with their time too. 

So many people talk about World Peace and wish we all could have it.  It truly is something that can happen.  We all have to remind ourselves in order to achieve it, you alone are the one that needs to change first ........ not your neighbor, your children, your husband or your friend, but you.  If you change to a peaceful way of being, others around you will follow. And we've all been told it's better to give than to receive, and guess what? It is. I find when you give yourself by helping others, expecting nothing in return, words cannot describe the satisfaction one feels and you find yourself doing more and more for others.

I challenge all of you to adopt this new mantra of "Peace, Love, Live to Give" and I bet your life will change for the better.  I know mine has -


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