Friday, September 16, 2011

A Change in Season

A quiet blanket falls on Lake Megunticook this time of year,
saying goodbye to all, 
to all we hold dear.
The loon who's aware of the change in the air,
will fly south come late fall and needs to prepare.
The boats and canoes are all put to bed,
A task that's done quietly, no words ever said.
These bright yellow flowers from Summers delight,
will soon drop their petals from cold Autumn nights.
These delicate faces who've danced in the wind,
will take a new shape when the next phase begins.
The birdhouse is vacant with no bird in sight,
do they feel the cold winds, have they taken to flight?
This one little lily whose colors so brilliant,
had better take cover, she's not so resilient.
And this sweet little cherub with lantern in hand,
says goodbye to his friends as a task that's unplanned.
The love seat sits empty to hold the fall leaves,
til a blanket of snow come December's receive.

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