Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Shape We Are In

After returning home from my Maine vacation, at the end of August, I felt pretty good about myself, especially after seeing some of the bathing beauties strolling on the beach.

Then, a few days ago, I took my mother to the doctor's for her check up.  I made the terrible mistake of stepping on the doctor's scale when no one was looking, but me! That's when I discovered I gained 7 pounds.

Seven pounds may not sound like a lot to whoever is reading this, but for my frame, it's a lot.  No wonder those bright orange pencil leg pants I looked at last week in Cleveland scared the you know what out of me. But I remembered to step outside of my boundaries......... remember that expedition?

I knew I had to start my exercise regime again, especially for the fact that I want to get in superb shape before I have my hip surgery. Yeah, like that will really happen! 

I've got exactly 5 weeks to look like I did when I was 37 (and prior to giving birth to twin boys that weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz. and 5 lbs. 3 1/2 oz.) NOT..... ever try to walk on the treadmill, ride the bike or do leg lifts, lunges or squats with a bad hip. I suggest you not try it if you want to sleep at night. I suggest you not lift heavy weights at all, I think that's the reason for the bad hip.

I'm hard enough on myself, and others always tell me I look great, but I certainly don't want to hear from others how bad I look either. My husband's usually pretty good, only a few comments here and there; still not wanting to hear what he has to say (he thinks his comments will motivate me). 

Yesterday I picked my mother up for a nice drive. I wanted to get her out to see a change of scenery, have lunch and catch up on conversation. As we stepped out of the house and onto the sidewalk towards my car, she says to me "Boy, those pants look tight on you." My reply, "Thanks mom, that's just what I wanted to hear today."

Mothers really know what to say at the right times! I guess if she has my butt to focus on then I won't hear her tell me, "Ya know, I was going through old photos and I really liked your hair when it was shorter and trimmed away from your face. Your bangs didn't hang in your eyes then."

I still haven't figured out whey we are so hard on ourselves, especially us women who really are in good shape. I remember walking through the mall with my father when I was in my 30's and he said to me, "Do you know how many women have walked by us sizing you up and checking you out? Men don't check each other out like that!" I've come to realize, no matter what age you are, women will always check other women out and compare themselves to them. There are days I thought about moving to a nudest colony filled with really big women, then once I get a visual of my new life, I bring myself back to reality and tell myself, "It's all good, I'm doing just fine."

I could talk about the tabloids, magazines, movies and television on how they think we should look, exercise and eat to have the perfect body BUT I have to blame it on our own psyche. Our own minds are to blame, it's that simple. 

I keep telling myself that life is for the living and you have to live to enjoy life, so I'll continue to listen to my mind and all it has to offer to live a good healthy life. Besides, that inner conversation is what keeps me sane during the day when everyone's gone. If I didn't have my inner self talking to me throughout the day I'd be pretty lonely! 

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