Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cherished Memories

Today is Father's Day
the air is damp with a breeze blowing through my back porch.
The sky is overcast and feels like rain.
My memories take me to times of runny eggs sitting on a plate,
being taught how to fly fish in the backyard on a lush green lawn.
Worms curl around my fingers trying to bait the hook of a fishing pole,
while other times I remember being thrown the keys to my fathers green cargo van.
I remember sitting on my father's lap at 16 and him asking, "Now what do you want?"
There are so many memories that come flooding back as if a dam has been opened.

For years I was like a butterfly, landing in front of my father periodically,
years of spotted memories, memories I cannot build on, years wasted,
only to return on a permanent basis once I was married, 
to include him in a new life full of new sights and sounds
building memories I will cherish today, memories that cannot be taken from me.

Father's Day will no longer be the same for me as others know it
but a time to reflect on all that was given to me by a man I will never forget.
I have wonderful memories of my father which he made only for me
like a private movie that no one else saw, felt or was part of.

Even though my father is no longer here to walk by my side
he is with me in spirit and walks beside me with every step I take,
knowing how I feel and what I see each day.
For me, Father's Day has become my day to reflect on a time I'll always cherish,
and was blessed to have a father, who lived until 90, knowing just how much he loved me each and every day, from the day I was born.

I love you dad and miss you dearly,
your darlin' daughter


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