Friday, May 18, 2012


Champlain Stone has been our source of income since1982.  With the economic situation it forced us to lay more people off this past winter than we ever had before, in hopes of keeping our business afloat until March, where the orders picks up and we're off and running at a very fast pace.

It's very hard to lay anyone off, or let anyone go.  In these times a job is worth it's wait in gold and we know we are effecting the lives of others but our thought was this.  We'd rather have a business to call people back to, than have to shut the doors 6 months down the road because we made some very poor decisions.  Some employees understand, others don't.

With the turn of events, I talked to my husband about laying ourselves off from January 1 until May 1.  I felt it was only proper.  I couldn't justify letting people go and have my husband and I continue to collect a paycheck.  To me,  that doesn't send a very good message.  We all need to make sacrifices at times and this was also our time to do just that.  I knew we'd be okay during these 4 months but I took it very seriously and ran the household on a very tight budget, challenged myself at the grocery store and decided what outside activities were a must over a "want to."  The first thing my boys asked was if we were now poor.  I reinforced my thoughts to them about making sacrifices for others and because we salted away some extra cash, we'd be fine.  They too need to see you sometimes have to give up something to get something in return.

Life moves so fast, people get caught up in the everyday rat race and before you know it, a year has gone by and you've had no fun.  That's just how my husband and I had been feeling for quite some time.  We needed a well deserve break, even though I knew we really shouldn't take our 'rainy day' money to go and have some fun.  We're both very sensible people and it's not our nature to just blow hard earned money.  It was time for a well deserved vacation, regardless of our financial situation.  I made an executive decision and we headed to Key West with another couple, leaving the boys behind to study hard and to see just what it's like without mom catering to their every whim!

A week after we arrived home, my boys came back from attending a teen faith formation gathering and they walked into the house with Play-Doh, and that got me thinking.  Most people know what Play-Doh is and what you can do with it.  As a child I had Play-Doh with a Fun Factory and when my children were little, they too had Play-Doh.  

No matter what your situation, we all have to be flexible just like Play-Doh.  If you accept the changes in your life and go with the flow, you learn to adapt, learning to be resourceful so you can still have fun and deal with a somewhat uncomfortable situation.

Just like Play-Doh, some situations stink, but they're only temporary.  My mother would always say, and still does, "this too shall pass."  We all have the power to turn a bad situation into a good one, if you can stay positive and have a bright outlook.

I felt we had enough Play-Doh to go on holiday where it wouldn't hurt us, making concessions when we did start drawing a paycheck once again come May.  It was a decision I did not regret.

Knowing how short life is, you just have to listen to the craziness that's going on in your head, act like an immature teenager and do something out of the ordinary, acting like you haven't a care in the world.  With all the stress in ones life, there are times where you say, "We can't afford NOT to take a vacation." Your well being and your mental frame of mind is worth the investment.  So, for those who think they can't afford to get away, take the time off from work, or leave a family member behind, you're mind and body deserves the very best.  Grab a handful of play dough and treat yourself every once in a while to some fun and act like that crazy teen that is screaming to break free, you'll thank yourself at a later date.


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Karen said...

Time sure does fly and it is very important to take time for yourself


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