Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are You My Mother ? - A Social Butterfly

Heffer was a real social butterfly.  Like kids, each bird has their own personality and Heffer sure had a big one.  The minute we walked into the potting shed he was all over us.  At some point, Heffer would perch on top of my leg when it was feeding time.  He definitely was the baby of the family and wanted to be treated like one.

Heffer was quite photogenic and became very good at striking a pose when the camera came out.

Heffer loved to snuggle on my husbands lap.  All he had to do was sit down on the floor and Heffer would make his way over to his lap.  We didn't think Heffer would ever leave the potting shed.  Much like Heff, he would fly all around, perch himself in the rafters and be very content just hanging with us. I honestly had no idea when and if he'd ever enter the woods.

Heffer was finally released.  Our family had a big play date at the ocean in the middle of August and I so wanted to see Heffer move on.  Because I grew so fond of Heffer, it probably was a good thing I didn't have to release him, nothing worse than seeing the baby of the family leave the nest.

After spending a few days at the ocean, I received a few e-mails from my gardener with updates regarding Mr. Personality.  After releasing Heffer, like I thought, he just wouldn't leave.  The stone wall around the potting shed was a favorite hangout, however, when Heffer heard the Kawasaki gardening mule fire up, he'd fly over onto it and travel around the yard with the gardener.

The mule is actually traveling up the driveway in this photo. Heffer loved riding in the middle of the steering wheel.  If he wasn't on the wheel, he'd fly onto the seat or the front basket and ride along.

Heffer learned to grab worms all on his own.  He'd hop down from the mule whenever the gardener dug up fresh dirt and dig around for worms, that's one exercise Heff never did.  Heffer was a natural and he was definitely set for his survival.

Because this crazy bird was so social, he'd fly between the gardener and a landscaping crew who was putting together a sidewalk for me.  Kurt and his man had a hard time setting stones, Heffer would constantly be rock hopping and in their way.

This behavior lasted all day but when the day came to an end and everyone went home, so did Heffer.  The woods called out to him, so he went into his natural habitat.

We often wondered if he met up with Heff and just how long they stayed around the property.  I cannot tell you what a wonderful experience it was to raise to baby birds.  God works in many ways and I'm so glad he gave us all an experience we'll never forget.

Today, outside our door, in our port-o-co, sits a new nest with 3 eggs in it on top of our ski rack.  A robin is very comfortable building so close to our door, I only wonder if Heff or Heffer was actually a female and has come home after 2 years.  Most children do return home after being away for some time, I'll just have to wait to see if the momma will take care of all three or if I'll once again have baby robins ask ......... Are You My Mother?


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Britani Hill said...

I love this storyline. I am always trying to sneak time to read when I see the links pop up.........


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