Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Colors of Fall

Last evening my husband and I walked around Westlake, Ohio shopping at the Promonade after having a wonderful dinner at Brio.

With fall approaching, way too fast, the cool wind of the evening took me to the land of warm sweaters, corduroy pants and beautiful autumn colors. Because it’s been a long time since I’ve made a major clothing purchase for myself, I wasn’t sure which store to go in.  I have a tendency to lean toward classic clothing because you get years of wear out of them. Classics fashion doesn’t go out of style.  Another habit I can’t seem to break.

I love color, that’s one reason why I scrapbook.  You start with a solid color or a clean crisp white page and add the most beautiful colored, textured paper to compliment your photos.  Dressing yourself is not much different.

My first stop was at The Loft, there I can always find clothing that will fit me.  The minute I walked into the store I knew there was nothing I would even consider.  Every item was black or taupe. To me, fall clothing should consist of burnt orange, warm deep greens, muted yellows and maple leaf reds.  My about face would remind you of a soldier under the command of his drill instructor.

I then proceeded onward to other stores only to find the same dull, black and taupe, cookie cutouts of skirts, blouses and sweaters The Loft had displayed.  Ready to cross the – there’s nothing for me here – line, I rounded the corner to find the most beautiful pair of bright orange pants in the window of  J Crew.  Color, glorious color hit me right between the eyes.  I was now on a mission.
Upon entering the store it looked just like one of my scrapbook pages, a white backdrop with a rainbow of colors to enhance a simple photo you want to bring to life. I was that photo and I definitely came to life  after scanning the color palette around me.

Being a creature of habit, I fell into the trap of going straight to the rack that held the black and gray pencil skirts.  They are classic, I knew this style would fit and I had plenty of tops back home to accompany either one.  Of course I grabbed the black, more colors will accompany it.  So what do I do, I see a cute little taupe sweater but because it’s ‘dry clean only’ I shy away.  The table is full of fall colors, yet, I gravitate towards the taupe. I wanted color so why am I not going for it.  I realize just how practical and boring I really am when it comes to my wardrobe.

I keep eyeing the bright orange pants but I don’t even approach them because the tag says – pencil leg.  Already I tell myself they are not for me. The requirements are met, seeing they are a wonderful fall color and the fabric is corduroy but they are pencil leg and I do not have a pencil thin bottom half. I finally give in to the sales clerk and my husband, head into the dressing room with these pants from another planet and try them on.

I step outside my boundaries and find it is a wonderful experience.  The pants fit great and the color made me come alive.  I not only found 2 shirts to go with my new Halloween orange pants but found another pair of these wonderful pants in an auburn color.  The sales girl shows me a great collard shirt to go with them but I decline. I explain to her that I don’t go for collard shirts because my hair gets caught in the collar and I just can’t do it.

Not yet ready to go back to the place where my boundaries lie, I decide to try on 3 collard shirts, only to fall in love with all of them.  At this point I go back and grab the ‘dry clean only’ taupe sweater to go with the black skirt, as well as another one in ice pop blue.  I’d decided I went in for color and I’m going out with color.  The pants, shirts, sweaters, tank tops and my one black skirt will take me nicely through the cold fall days. All because I was willing to step outside my boundaries!

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