Monday, September 5, 2011

Another World

I think I’m in Heaven but I’m really in Hell,
that old black magic has me under it’s spell.
Bob Marley on the radio I sway to his bells,
the room’s full of smoke & it’s beginning to smell.

It gets real loud and my brain starts to swell,
there are times I can’t stand it and I just want to yell.
It appears that there’s blood running down the four walls,
and to others it reminds them of horseshoe falls.

This world I’m experiencing starts to close in,
I feel like I’m drowning and try hard to swim.
People around me start to fall to the ground,
why in the world am I hanging around.

The time I have spent in this strange bizarre scene,
I’m beginning to think, it’s not safe, it’s unclean.
It’s time to go home to the one’s that I love,
I’m glad this is something I need not be part of.

                                                                       by Barbara Morey ~

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