Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Wave and The Web

I stand here and think about happier days,
the surf and the sun, hanging ten on big waves.
No cares in the world I was crazy 'bout Jim,
we decided to marry, couldn't live without him.

As I stand in my kitchen, confronting a lie,
he walks out the door never saying goodbye.
For 15 years we've been playing this game,
accusations are bigger, there are so many names.

He wonders what's up, what I've got up my sleeve,
we've done this together, this web that we've weaved.

We've got all these kids and all kinds of bills,
never holding a job, I relied on goodwill.
Promises made, some impossible to keep,
tears fall on my pillow each night while I sleep.

He still hangs at the beach, for that ultimate wave,
It saddens me greatly, the way he behaves.
My children are hungry, never food in the house,
I always knew someday, he'd be one lousy spouse.

He thinks that his drinking would not interfere,
he justifies his wrong by saying, "It's only beer."

I need something different, I deserve so much more,
I need to gather the kids and walk straight out that door,
to a life they deserve, not one full of unrest,
wanting all of my children to have only the best.

Can't go to my family, they're on the east coast,
Didn't approve from the start, to them I'm a ghost.  
With no where to go and no money to take,
if I don't do it now, it's just another mistake.

So I'll pray to my savior and ask what I need,
and ask for the strength to persist and succeed. 

                                                                by Barbara Morey ~

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