Monday, October 10, 2011

My favorite time of year is Autumn. Cold crisp mornings and warm afternoons are a welcome from the dog days of summer. Red and gold leaves that appear in the mountains
reminds me of a painting, which becomes more vibrant as each day passes.

Pumpkins on front porches, carved with scary faces, tell me children of all shapes and sizes will be running from house to house, stuffing treats in their pillow cases, for Halloween is right around the corner. Freshly stacked wood in backyards and sheds are a sign our winters in the north country are cold and brutal, but warm crackling fires in December and January brings comfort one needs, when the snow doesn't stop falling.

My mind and body needs this change. I look forward to it.

It's also a sad time of year. The hot days of summer have left the premises, the pool has been covered and lawn chairs have been put away. The days get shorter, it get dark earlier and for many, depression begins to set in. It's always sad for me when I see all the beautiful plants that have decorated the pool patio brought into the potting shed.

It always seems cruel to cut back these plants. They are removed from the fancy clay pots they've dwelled in for months, only to be placed in cheap plastic pots to hibernate in. They sit on the warm radiant floor, so not to catch a chill, or next to a sunny window. It is time for them to take a rest, to rejuvenate themselves, looking forward to a new start come spring.

I too go into hibernation. My work is done from summer and I am ready to take my place next to a fire when the cold days of fall and winter set in. My body tells me it's time to rest. I need a good book to settle me down, long naps in the afternoon and a crackling fire to sit next to with a nice glass of wine or hot cup of tea. It's a time to catch up with old friends, play board games with my children and bake for the holidays. These are rituals I cannot give up, rituals I look forward to and rituals I need. Fall is a time to reflect on the joys of summer and a time to see what comforts it will bring me in the months to come, only to rejuvenate me for a new start come spring.


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love it!!

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Love this, Barbie. You are blessed!


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