Thursday, September 13, 2012

Turkey Time

One of the first signs of fall is when the turkeys arrive in full force roaming our property amongst the tall grass and under the crab trees. Today,  when we drove up the hill to our house, my son spotted a gaggle of turkeys crossing the road onto our property.

These 7 birds did not look like your average turkey.  They were skinny, skinny, skinny.  I'm hoping in the months to come they fatten up and fill out like the butterballs we're use to seeing.

I wasn't quite sure just what they were after until I got a closer peek at them.  The tall grass I neglected to mow was standing tall at 12".  Seeds had been produced and the turkey's found them quite enjoyable.  Their little heads were moving so fast I'm surprised they looked up to have their photos taken.

This guy decided to hop up on the wall to really show me how fit and trim he is.  My mother told me if I were up to it I might catch one and have wild turkey for Thanksgiving.  I reminded her I could not kill and eat anything I named. The only wild turkey I'll be having is the kind you pour in your glass over ice.


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