Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tell It Like You See It

I learned this morning that Andy Rooney died on Friday, November 4.  

You either liked Andy or you didn't.  I happened to like him, very much.  

I always found his opinions and thoughts very much like mine.  When I didn't agree with what he was saying or had no opinion at all about his opinion, I always kept an open mind, thanked him for bringing his thoughts to my attention and reminded myself everyone has a right to their own opinion.

Looking back on his profession, he was the ultimate 'verbal blogger'.  He'd pick a topic and talk about it. What he liked and didn't like about cereal boxes.  He talked about every topic under the stars.  War, how postage stamps are packaged, same sex marriage, Michael Jackson song lyrics and many, many more topics.  He had a passion to tell it like it is and the best part, he got paid for it.

It always saddens me when someone dies who I grew up with.  Whether it be Andy Rooney, Lucille Ball, George Burns, Dean Martin, John Wayne or Katharine Hepburn. These people were in my home on a regular basis, they became a part of our family and helped form my character.  Just like my parents, they had an influence on me and helped me grow, expand my mind and showed me a world I could never imagine from the confines of our small living room.

So, thank you Mr. Rooney for your words each week.  There is no one who can, or will, fill your shoes for the next generation to come.  But, I must say, the next generation wouldn't understand your words anyway.  In my opinion, because of your untimely death, you still have so much to say.

I'm sure once you arrive in Heaven, there will be things you like and things you don't like. I can only imagine what you'll be talking about and even there, I'm sure you'll have the last word!

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