Saturday, April 21, 2012

Are You My Mother? - Babies Day Out

Heff and Heffer were growing by the minute.  They have been so active in the new crib I figured it was time to get them out in the grass to see what they would do.  Their feathers were coming in very nicely and I wanted to see if they'd spread their wings a bit more and try to flap around in the grass.

Heff & Heffer cuddle in the grass

As you can see the little tuffs of chick fuzz are slowly leaving their bodies and feathers are becoming more pronounced. Both Heff and Heffer are working very hard at pulling out the fuzz and grooming themselves.  The video shows just how hard birds work at keeping a good physical appearance.

Heff is ready for the next bug that flies by:: they are always hungry

It was so exciting to see the two babies notice small bugs flying around and trying to eat them.  They didn't move their bodies much, their eyes were constantly roving and their little mouths were like elevator doors, opening and closing constantly. Much like teenagers, they wanted to eat all the time!

Heffer feeling a bit special

It was quite incredible to be able to get examine the birds up close.  We were able to see just how their feathers grew.  On the wing of each bird their feathers grow out of a hollow tube (picture a drinking straw with paintbrush bristles coming out the end) and these overlap each other and they truly are downy soft.


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