Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Morning Key West

I've been traveling to Key West since 1984 and have never had to set an alarm clock.  The wonderful Roosters that roam the streets will wake you at the crack of dawn, each morning, without fail.

I have just arrived home from a wonderful vacation with my husband and friends and want to share my photos of these amazing birds, in all their splendor.  

Key West is split as to whether the birds should stay or the birds should go. They were brought in by early pioneers and Cuban cockfighters and are part of the island's charm. The big debate about these birds is whether they cause a health risk.

Just like anything else, there are those who love them and those who hate them. If you've been out drinking all night and want to sleep in, well ........ good luck.  These guys will make sure you won't miss the sunrise.  Some residents would like to catch them and cook them.  Other's will tell you, "if you don't like them, then leave, they were here first."

I find them all quite amusing and beautiful, but then again, I don't take up residency for very long.  All I know is, these birds have the run of the place and really know how to strut their stuff.  They certainly put on a good show.

So, if you're headed to Key West anytime soon, you'll need not have to pack an alarm clock.  These bad boys will make sure your butt is out of bed so you get to see what the early mornings have to offer.

I happen to love them and can't even imagine Key West without them!



Susan Tidwell said...

You made it to Key West! Good to see the roosters again. I thought they were a quite colorful part of the whole Key West experience, but I did question them at restaurants walking on the tables and flying overhead... but I too cannot imagine Key West without the roosters. Great pictures!

Barbara Emma Morey said...

Thanks Susan .... I so longed to be there after seeing your pictures. This was a well overdue trip for us !!


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