Thursday, May 3, 2012

Are You My Mother? - On The Move

Heff and Heffer are certainly getting around in the potting shed.  Heff is able to jump, hop and fly up on objects that are a couple feet from the ground.  Heffer on the other hand needs exactly that, a helping hand.  He'll watch Heff and try to do as he does, however, he is not succeeding at these knew motor skills just yet.  As you can see, he keeps an eye on Heff and wants to be near him as much as possible, so, I need to assist him and place him close to Heff.
Heffer keeping a close eye on Heff

Heff perching on a bucket thinking how he's going to fly up to the counter

Heff enjoying some gardening boots. One of his favorite places to be.
Not only was visiting and feeding time an adventure for me, but also for Heff and Heffer.  Each time I'd enter the potting shed, I could hear the chirps of each bird, but locating them was another task all unto itself.  Because they were constantly on the move, it felt more like a game of Hide n Seek each time I entered the shed.  They could be anywhere.  In the photos below, you can see all the little places they would be tucked away in.  

Heff finding a somewhat soft place to settle into with Heffer close by.  Although, I don't see how sunflowers wrapped in plastic can be that soft.

Perched under an ice cream parlor chair.  

Heff takes time to fertilize the soil inside a pot.  Always trying to help out whenever he can.

Heffer  hiding and yes, he needed help in getting out.  This nest was definitely too big for him.


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