Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Spring Portrait

Sometime ago, when it was cold and miserable outside, Haley came for the day to have some fun with Miss Barb. I believe it was the same day we nurtured the plants in the potting shed and stumbled upon Mr. Mousey.  This past Sunday, per Haley's request, we once again ventured into the potting shed to tend to the Geraniums but I really think she wanted to see if there was another dead mouse to be found.

I always try to introduce a new craft or art project to Haley when she comes for the day.  For a 5 year old, she is very artistic, very smart and very gung ho to take on any project I throw her way and I have total faith she can handle just about anything.  Today was the day I thought she was ready to create a portrait of herself.

We went in the cellar to get a 24 x 36 artist canvas.  From there we browsed through all my photos I have taken of her and decided on a cute photo from our trip to Maine last August.  We took a 4 x 6 photo and cropped it so we could enlarge her head to a 5 x 7  (she really liked that idea) and she cut it out to adhere to the canvas.  While she was doing that, I went to my sewing room and found an old dress my mother had given me (a dress she never got around to finishing 40 years ago, and I know why - looking at her choice of material and style, she didn't want to be seen in it - like I would, thanks mom!) and I proceeded to cut a dress out for Haley.  She, on the other hand, loved it.

We then found a popsicle fence, buttons and ribbon for the dress, and a bow for her hair.  While she was coloring the fence and making it all beautiful and such, I went to work on cutting birds, branches and flowers using my Cricut machine.  I then let Haley go to town designing her dress and the scene for her self portrait.

Haley created a glorious masterpiece of herself surrounded by beautiful flowers, bluebirds, and butterflies.  A sure sign of Spring.  Her portrait now sits patiently on a shelf in her parents family room, waiting for the fireplace and mantel,  her mother is patiently waiting for, so it can be properly hung for everyone to see !!


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