Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad day at the South Pole

100 years ago

British naval Capt. Robert Falcon Scott finally arrived at the South Pole on Jan. 18, 1912 after a horrendous trip filled with peril only to find to his despair explorer Roald Amundsen’s Norwegian flag stuck in the snow where he placed it five weeks earlier.
To add insult to injury, Amundsen had left a letter behind addressed to the King Haakon VII of Norway, bragging of his achievement and a note asking Scott to deliver it for him. That day Scott wrote in his journal, “Great God, this is an awful place!” 
(Note: On their return from the Antarctic, Scott and his party of five, pulling sledges by hand, beset by illness, hunger and blizzards, all died. Their bodies and diaries were found by a search party eight months later. Scott was posthumously knighted. Glory comes at a high price!)

taken from
The Adirondack Journal
Turning Back The Pages

by Jean Hadden

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