Thursday, September 1, 2011

Confessions of a Paperholic

My Name is Barbara Morey and
I'm A Paperholic !

Now that I've said it I might be able to get some help, but I doubt it.

Some people are addicted to alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Others have issues with sex, food or chocolate. Mine comes down to paper and the more of it I have, the happier I am.

I think it started when I was in the 6th grade.  My brother was in the Coast Guard, stationed in Cape May, New Jersey and his girlfriend was in Burlington, Vermont attending UVM Collage.  I would write letters to them both, faithfully, whenever I had the chance because I loved writing paper.  Our local Hallmark Card store had the most beautiful boxed paper sets and I went right to the stationery section whenever I visited this store.  I just loved the paper they had.

In 7th grade my letters continued to family members and I picked up a pen pal in Hong Kong, her name was Winnie Wong. In the back of Tiger Beat magazine they had advertisements for pen pals.  I sent my name, address and personal information to the address that was listed and in return I was given Winnie's name.  Kinda like an old fashion e-Harmony service, although I wasn't looking for a long tern relationship with another individual.  

The best part of writing to Winnie were the envelopes.  I loved the fact that they were so different from the everyday envelopes used for conventional letter delivery.  The International Air Mail envelopes were edged in red and blue, I loved these.  My letters seemed so special because of these envelopes.
Letters to family and friends continued throughout the years and the computer age took over.  A whole new aspect of computer paper for letter writing took over and I was first in line to see just what I needed.

Wrapping paper is another addiction of mine.  I'm particular to the paper Current, Inc. has in their mail order catalogs.  I find the larger rolls of double sided paper wonderful.  The quality is top notch, it accommodates larger gift boxes, it cuts beautifully and I have two papers for the price of one.  How lucky can a girl get?  

When my father-in-law passed away, and his house had to be cleaned out. I headed right for the room my mother-in-law used to store her wrapping paper, gift tags, Christmas cards, stationery, and tissue paper in.  I felt like I hit the jackpot in Las Vegas.  She had the most wonderful Christmas paper and tags from the 1960's I have ever seen.  That find was back in 2002 and I am still using these wonderful items.  I love the fact that when my husband opens up a gift, wrapped in this paper, or one with one of those old fashion gift tags, wonderful memories come back to him and he shares with us all he remembers when he was little.

Today I am totally addicted to 12x12 paper, as well as any other size, shape or textured paper for scrapbooking.  Because I have twin boys I automatically have to by 2 of everything.  Two sheets of each would be wonderful but I often purchase 4, 6 or 8 of the same design.  Sometimes I love the paper so much I can't bring myself to use it.  This is a true addiction I will never beat, it has a hold on me I cannot escape.

The one good factor is this. Photos documenting our vacations with family and friends is a must, as well as, parties, school activities, swim meets, cookouts, birthdays, baby showers, etc. As long as I am taking photos, scrapbooking will always be a full time job which requires paper, and lots of it.  

There is only one other person, I know, that is a bit more addicted than I am.  I am thankful I have her in my life to keep me updated on sales.  She always has my back whenever she is in Michael's, A.C. Moore or Walmart and there is a sale going on. Now that's a true friend.  Both are husbands just shake their heads whenever we talk about scrapping, yet they have never tried to keep us from doing what we love.  

Just some of my glorious paper

More paper, paper, paper (and other goodies)
After all, this particular addiction is not hazardous to my health, mind or spirit so I admit -

I'm A Paperholic and Proud of It !

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TerryH said...

A friend sent me to your blog and I am a paperholic too! But I am on a paper diet and just fell off the wagon - I had gone 55 days with buying! LOL! I am starting my count over again and hope to go further this time. Thanks for the enjoyable read!


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