Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Success Story

My husband has a saying anytime he accomplishes something he is proud of, and that saying is:


I just love success stories and there is nothing sweeter than victory, especially when you are competing against your husband!

During our visit to Maine, we decided to spend a relaxing, fun filled day at Pirates Cove. This fun filled day turned into a major competition.

You see, my husband has always thought he is very good at the sport he chooses to play. When I first met him, he introduced me to Racquetball.  We spent many hours playing together.  He taught me if I wanted to be great at it, I would need to play with people who were better than me.  I took his suggestion and only played with men, men who were bigger, stronger and far better than me.  By doing this, when it came to the Women's Open Tournament, I took home the trophy. Something my husband never seemed to accomplish.  After 27 years, I still have that trophy and I remind him of it every now and then. For me, it's


Whenever we play mini golf, he thinks he's Tiger Woods (except he's faithful).  He has to wiggle his butt, get his hands in the perfect position as he grips the club, sets his feet just so, addresses the ball (like Ralph Kramden) and then takes a couple practice swings only to putt and miss! Many times he scores under par but there are plenty of times he is WAY over par. 

I have a different approach.  I place my ball on the green, grip the club (as if I were a lefty - I am a righty) check the layout of the green and putt the ball to ricochet off one of the structures in the hopes my ball will make it in on the first try.  Yes, there are times I also am over par but the majority of the time my unorthodox methods work. Hence,


As you can see from the photos below what I am talking about. Not only did I get a hole in one, but 2 holes in one! I reign as the golf queen and once again I took home the trophy.  


My true success story, however, is my husband's loves for me even after I beat his sorry butt in mini golf.
Which tells me I have the best husband in the entire world !!

Another success story? I think not

Hole in ONE (#1)

Hole in ONE (#2)

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