Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Jellyfish Like No Other

Some people have junk drawers. I use to be part of that population, however, I entered the world of reality, my ambitions took over and I disposed of those drawers. They are all organized, until my boys start looking for something they think they need so desperately. 

The one mess I do have sits in my craft closet.  I have to say it's an organized mess, but still a mess.

When I download photos from my camera to my computer, I need to grab the corresponding cable to make the connection and this is what I encounter, my jellyfish, that's what I call it.  

Most jellyfish have 30 tentacles. The Atlantic jellyfish has 40, the box jellyfish has 15 tentacles on each side and it has 3 sides.  Mine doesn't have quite that many but has enough to sting me each time I stick my hand in to grab what I need.

It's a tangled mess of cords, which are not labeled and they all look alike.  In order to find the correct cable, I have to look at the side of the camera to see the shape of the port hole and start rummaging through this somewhat organized mess.  

Every time I look for a cable, I say to myself, "Self, you have got to do something about this mess."  Sooner or later, I'll take each cable and label it correctly so I know what cable belongs to what camera, but for now, it keeps my mind sharp. Simple tasks are the last ones to be taken care of.  I'm afraid when I start this simple task, I'll end up reorganizing my entire closet, knocking out a wall making my cute little craft closet larger. The last time I organized my silverware drawer, we ended up with a whole new kitchenYIKES !!!


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