Friday, January 6, 2012

Prodigal boy returns home

100 years ago
Burnis Combs, a young man from Warrensburgh of agreeable personality, keen mind and ready wit, arrived home Oct. 24, 1911 from an extended trip through the west and also in the south, where he visited New Orleans.
Young Combs, sometime before he was old enough to vote, developed a sure case of wanderlust, and with several companions he made a trip west. For months, he worked at his trade, expert shirt ironer, in St. Louis and before his return, he explored some of the large cities and towns in that area.
Early last summer, accompanied by Iman Cahill, he went to Indianapolis where both secured employment in a large laundry. This prodigal son has finally come home at last and will stay home with his Pa all this coming winter.

taken from
The Adirondack Journal
Turning Back The Pages

by Jean Hadden

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