Monday, September 26, 2011

Pammie Popcorn

Pammie was my neighbor, she lived by the sea,
she was younger than most, but older than me.
She had 3 older brothers a dog and a cat,
because of her hair, she could not wear a hat.

Her hair looked like popcorn, it was fluffy and white,
I don't know how she slept on it all through the night.
She wore earring that hung down, way down to her chin,
when she walked or she ran, they would move in the wind.

Her body was tiny, she had small hands and feet,
her clothes were all different, never feeling complete.
Her appearance was awesome, having style and class,
her smile so big, eyes resembling sea glass.

Now Pammie was special, very special you see,
when my parents went out, she took good care of me.
With no older brother or sisters around,
I couldn't stay alone with my dog, Mr. Brown.

Pammie would come to my house every day,
we'd listen to records, we'd go out and we'd play.
Her bat and her ball was always a hit,
but always forgetting her baseball mitt.

When dinnertime came she'd ask what I'd want,
I'd say, "I don't care, how 'bout a croissant."
I'd take out the popcorn, she'd say "Put it back"
"You can have that later, as a bedtime snack."

"You need to eat healthy so you grow big and strong,
for if you don't, you'll do your body wrong.
Don't end up like me, with a small body and face,
my hair looks like popcorn, it all over the place."

"Broccoli, peas, carrots and potatoes,
chicken and steak along side tomatoes.
That's what you should eat to be big and grow strong,
by eating healthy you can't go wrong."

I thought Pammie was cool, she was more than a friend,
I'd love to have her as my full time girlfriend.
Out of all my school buddies, my friends and my pals,
Pammie popcorn's for me, she's my one special gal.

                                                       by Barbara Morey ~

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