Saturday, September 24, 2011

Naked in the Wind

The second Thursday of each month, poets, writers, and observers get together at Willows Bistro, eat good food and either read their poetry and prose or sit back and enjoy what others have to share. If there is time and you are brave enough, you can get up during open mike and read what you have composed.

I have always been the observer, bringing along a little something with me, but never brave enough to get up and share.

Sharing is a peculiar thing. Our parents have always taught us to share, it's polite. However, it's not always in our nature to want to share.

Looking back on certain events, I've come to realize that sharing is an art, not a science. I love to entertain, so I'm always sharing my food, drink and home, which makes me happy. I believe I'm very crafty so I love sharing my ideas, new recipes and informational books. I'm very good at sharing desserts when I go to dinner with friends or a small bit of my entree. I enjoy having a good time and if the people around me are happy, I'm happy.

What I'm not good at, is sharing things that belong exclusively to me. For example, I'm terrible at sharing my hard covered first edition novels. Clothes and accessories are definitely not to be put in my sharing category and I cannot bring myself to share my scrapbooking papers or other paper products at a crop. There is only one friend I can share these items with, she is very good at sharing with me because we come from the same stock when it comes to the land of scrapbooking. But I must admit, when I shop for paper, if I buy a pack for me, I grab one for her to. Oh my, the thought of sharing paper I really like makes me nervous!

The thought of sharing my poetry makes me nervous. I feel it is one of the talents I have, I'm no Emily Dickenson or Robert Frost, but I do like writing and playing with my thoughts and words. I'd love to write a novel or short story but I am scared to death of rejection. I have to give Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help tremendous credit. Her book was rejected 60 times before her book was picked up for publication. I found the article about her, in MORE Magazine, fascinating. 

I was recently asked to read my poetry at Willow's Bistro in October. Because my poetry belongs exclusively to me, it reflects who I am. It's hard to put yourself out there, naked in the wind and not worry what others will think. 
Prior to my blog I wasn't sure I wanted to take on this challenge, however, I have had wonderful feedback from people about my writing and have decided to join in and share a few of my pieces. I would like to thank all who have commented to me though e-mail, my blog or in person, for your support and kind words. 

Come October 13, I'm sure I'll feel like I'm back in my 9th grade speech class. Standing at the speech podium, palms sweating, butterflies in my stomach, worried about everyones thoughts and not remembering what I read after the fact.

Some say, once you've exposed yourself to others it becomes natural after awhile. I just hope I remember to use a good body lotion so no one is offended by my dry, scaly skin once they see my nakedness!

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