Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rolling Thunder

Rolling thunder in the sky,
amongst the clouds that are so high.
Dancing over the mountains and through the hills,
like beating drums inside a mill.

The birds take cover into the trees,
the flowers naked no sight of bees.
Rain in the distance begins to appear,
the thunder still strong, music to ones ear.

The trees start to sway and move their arms,
a sign that it's coming, a silent alarm.
Their branches sway and dance about,
the thunder so loud it begins to shout.

No lightening in sight only dull grey sky,
a quick storm that comes and passes us by.
The leaves are turning, they quiver, they shake,
the thunder subsiding, the storm starts to break.

The rain now takes over and falls all around,
like angles from heaven, descending, earth-bound.
The cool air is coming to give one relief,
a quick summer storm that's so quick and so brief.

Rolling thunder throughout the sky,
amongst the clouds that were so high.
Traveling over the mountains and through the hills,
the sound for me was such a thrill.

                                                             by Barbara Morey ~

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