Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life Goes On

While driving home from the grocery store I was looking at all the cars zipping in and out of places like little ants and I got thinking.  No matter what, life goes on.  We do not often think about others and what they are going through when we are so engrossed in ourselves and all we have to do.

But............... somewhere in the world today, while I was driving and you were doing whatever,

Someone was diagnosed with cancer,
A baby was born,
A student failed a French test
A loved one was buried
A gentleman was passed over for a promotion
Someone was shot and killed on the street
A new artist was discovered
A toddler ate too much candy & has a tremendous belly ache
An elderly women with cancer just received her new wig
A person was fired from their job
A teacher didn't receive tenure
Someone was bitten by a spider
A wrestler just pinned his opponent
A child skied down a mountain without falling
Someone took their drivers test for the fist time
A rock band reached No. 1 on the billboard charts
Someone won the lottery
A wife was beaten by her abusive husband
A couple just got married
A teenage girl found out she is pregnant
Twins were born and one died
Someone is dancing on the beach to a calypso band
A man just got stung by a jellyfish
A person in the orchestra just dropped their instrument
A child created his first Lego ship
An author finished the final page of their trilogy
An adult is learning how to read
A convict just escaped from prison
A car chase is happening
A bank just got robbed
A women just became engaged
A couple is having sex
Drug addicts are shooting up
Someone is making a deposit at the bank
A family is booking a vacation
Someone just got sick at an amusement park
A little girl got pink cotton candy stuck in her hair
Someone stubbed their toe
An actor was awarded the roll of his lifetime
A giraffe gave birth
The family dog just died
A mother showed her daughter how to put makeup on
A bowler got a strike
Someone lost their contact lens down the sink drain
A hockey player got his teeth knocked out
and thousands of people are hugging and kissing!

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