Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Voice

After hearing the news regarding the death of Whitney Houston, I really have no feelings other than sorrow for her daughter, her mother and her sister.  I can honestly say, I have become numb to celebrity deaths.  That is not to say I am a cold hearted person who doesn't care about my fellow human being.

For any individual who is/or had been battling drugs over the years, sooner or later, they will succumb to the devil who torments their soul.

From my point of view, as a total outsider with probably no leg to stand on, I saw "Great Expectations" placed on Whitney from the get go.  Expectations she could not meet, in today's standards.

She was expected to talk and act in a certain way, due to her color and where she came from.  When those expectations were not met, she was booed for not being black enough and was greatly critisized for changing the sound of her music (discharging her gospel tones & lyrics) to fit in with a white society, so she would be accepted into the world of pop music.

I saw a women, with a peachy cream image, marry a bad boy rapper to help others understand she was only human and not the person people understood her to be, and expected her to be.

After I saw Oprah interview Whitney a couple years ago, she was beautiful, spoke intelligently about her past life - to include her divorce and drugs - and was ready for a come back.  Her come back was a disappointment for fans and again, she could not meet their expectations.  Fans felt her voice was weak and many walked out during her concert tour.

So what really killed her?  Was it her divorce, drugs, the media, booze, her fans or her own thoughts on how she just couldn't please everyone, becoming a disappointment to others and diving further into drugs to ease her own pain.

We lost a great voice, a caring person, an actress, a daughter to a grieving mother, a sister who is in great sorrow and a mother, to a vulnerable child, who is only 18 years old.

I can only hope that Whitney is back to singing her gospel music in heaven amongst those who can truly accept her for who she really is and have no expectations of her.

I'll miss Whitney. Her music will continue to be played in my house and my car taking me to places I enjoy going, it's a happy place.  Her music will be a constant reminder of what God blessed her with, and that was an incredible voice.


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