Monday, December 12, 2011

Mount Sinai

At the end of last week, my computer would not connect to the internet.  When I received my new iphone 4s, it was a chore to get everything downloaded on it and then to boot, my phone number had never gotten transferred over from my old phone.

I am not very good with electronics, so anytime I have to do something that involves a router, modem, or airport I look like a deer in headlights.

I sent a text message to my girlfriend and told her I was not having a very good time with this.  She sent me a message back saying, "Whatever you do, don't through the phone out the window." She knows me and just how frustrated I get.  (I always threaten to through the blankety, blank thing right out the window!)  Her husband, Doug, is a genius in the apple world and I feel even dumber around him.  I finally broke down and had to phone Doug to ask how not to download all the apps, from itunes, my boys have collected over the years.  As he walked me through, like a small child on a tight rope, he said to me; "Barb, why don't you just go back to a stone tablet, I'm sure Mike can fix you up with one!"

The one thing I like about Doug are his barbs. They are sharp, but don't cut and we both have a good laugh at my expense.  I try to stay one step ahead of him in the tongue-and-cheek department but 75% of the time his quick wit and fast thinking has me trailing him.

Yesterday in church Doug told me it sounds like I need a new router.  So, this morning I left a message for my computer man, Matt, at HELPCO before the sun even rose.  His mother phoned about a half hour later (it is a family owned company) and Donna asked me to phone the cable company, just to make sure the problem was not at their end before Matt came to my house.  I guess that's why their corporate name is HELPCO.  I'm not the only one that needs help when it comes to computers or anything else in the electronic world.

The cable company was very helpful, but when the gentleman asked me to take the cable from the back of the cable box, attached it to the back of the airport closest to the antenna, I started to sweat.  Even though I'm not good at all with the 'techie terms' I get embarrassed with my total lack of knowledge.  After he walked me through, the same way Doug did, I was up and running.

I phoned Donna back and told her it looked like I needed a new router.  I explained to her all I did to find the problem, with the cable mans help, sounding so professional.  If I had to tell you now what I did, I'd be lost.

I now understand when my mother says, "I'm too old for that" or "Barb, you've lost me" because I'm finding I do the same thing with others.  Maybe a paper diary is the best thing for me or a stone tablet.  Seeing we are in the stone industry, Doug is correct, my hubby could supply me with endless tablets to write on.

Although, after Moses returned back to Mount Sinai and saw the Israelites worshiping an idol, he became frustrated and threw the stone tablets to the ground, where they shattered into pieces.  I'm not sure if stone tablets are the way to go! We all become frustrated, so whenever I want to throw my phone, laptop, xbox or any other device out the window or smash it with a 10 pound sledge hammer, I think of Moses.  It didn't help him and it only mad matters worse.

As long as there are others who know my dilemma and they can fix it, I have nothing to worry about.  I think!

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Charlie said...

I know exactly how you feel. I don't understand any of this either. Never heard of an "airport" except for where planes fly so you are ahead of me there.


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