Monday, December 5, 2011

A Letter to Santa

In a small town, nestled in the Adirondack Mountains, lives a little girl by the name of Haley. Each day she trots off to her Kindergarten class and is no different than any other 5 year old this time of year.  When the first snowflake falls, when the first Christmas carol is heard or when the first decoration has been seen, children know it's time to write their letters to Santa telling him of their wants. 

Last week Haley shared her letter to Santa with me. Her requests were not written under each other, precisely detailed from 1 - 10, instead, they were written rather haphazardly all over the front and back.  Some items I was familiar with, others I was not.  I'm sure she put a lot of thought into each item she has requested.  

I cannot recall the exact number of toys she put on her list for the big guy in the red suit, but I do know it was quite a bit.

Her older brother looked at the list and commented to her that she was asking for quite a bit.  He suggested to her she cross out 10 and send the list on to Santa.  So, that's exactly what Haley did.  She took back her list, looked very hard at it for a bit, found no. 10 and crossed it out.

Children have a different view of looking at things.  Their comprehension is innocent and faultless.  She did exactly what she was told, to cross 10 off her list.  God bless all the children of this world, they truly are precious gifts from God.

As an adult, I do know one thing.  I know, Miss Haley is going to have a very, very good Christmas!       

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