Thursday, November 17, 2011

Look at those GAMS!

Thanksgiving is one week away.  A tradition in our home is watching The Macy's Day Parade.  One of the biggest attractions for our family is the Radio City Music Hall's famous dancers, The Rockettes.  We enjoy going to New York to see Broadway Shows.  A few years back we took our boys to see The Christmas Spectacular.  It's a very magical show, it's a show you will never forget.  The music, the lavish costumes, the magnificent set designs, are truly "Spectacular".

Radio City's opening night was December 27, 1932.  These dancing girls became an instant sensation and the quintessential chorus line, consisting of 16 women, became a national treasure.  Over the years the line grew and now consists of 36 women kicking and showing their great gams!  There is no other chorus line like them.

Since 1932, more than 3,000 women have danced as a Rockette.  Women come from all over the world to audition for this prestigious roll.  You must be between 5'5" and 5'10" in height, demonstrating you are part of the tap, jazz, ballet and modern dance world.  Your energy and radiance must shine through so you can dazzle the audience.

What I didn't know until a few years ago, is that my Godmother was a Rockette.  I've seen photos of her, from the 1950's and she had great legs. She had a big smile, a personality larger than life, lived in NYC when she was a young girl and loved me dearly.  I had no idea she was a Rockette, until the day she died.  

One of my dreams was to be a professional dancer.  The furthest I got was tap dancing classes and one recital in the 3rd grade!  I always told my husband I would have loved to have been a Rockette.  In 2002, for my birthday, my husband gave me the present of a lifetime.  He gave me the "Rockette Experience" where you go to Radio City Music Hall and dance with the girls.  I was speechless and because of my insecurities, I didn't go. 

At the time, I would have been dancing with girls ages 18 years and older.  All I could think of was dancing with a group of experienced girls, from the Upper East Side dripping in money, and they looked like Pamela Anderson or Jennifer Lopez !!  I would have stood out like a sore thumb.  Today, I regret my decision.  I need to put it back on my bucket list~ (maybe)

For now, I'll sit back, with my family, and enjoy all the Rockettes have to offer and show off during the Macy's Day Parade.  It's one of the ways we like to 'kick off' our holiday season and we thank them for their commitment in bringing joy into peoples lives.  Anyone who can lift up my heart, make me tap my feet when they sing or dance and put a smile on my face is a true entertainer.

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