Thursday, October 13, 2011

A New Age

Where have all the love letters gone,
those special words that are written to one.

Words on a paper to say how you feel,
telling a loved one your love is for real.

The paper has crumbled no longer in sight,
words to be written by candle light.

The new age is here I'm sorry to say
where emails and texting have paved the way.

No more fond greetings and hope all is well,
just simple responses, a quick TTYL.

Gone are the days of faithfully yours,
and hiding those letters in your chest of drawers.

It all seems so sad for those days are now gone,
the times when love letters were written daylong.

                                                                                             by Barbara Morey ~

1 comment:

Susan Tidwell said...

I agree, so sad. I also grieve the loss of cursive writing... progress!


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