Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friday Nights

My mother (at the end of the table) with her sisters and sisters-in-law

This past week my son asked if I he could go purchase poker chips,  for he learned how to play Blackjack a few weeks ago at Nike tennis camp. (You send the boy away to hone in on his tennis skills and he comes back a card shark, go figure).

I told him he need not make the purchase, his grandparents had chips in their basement and I was sure I could put my hands on them. We proceeded to enter my parents basement, where the sights of years past brought back many wonderful memories. We found the chips and the first question from my son was, "Mom, why aren't there any green ones?" I explained that 'back in the olden days' there was only white, blue and red; at least that's what my parents used.

Playing blackjack with my sons tonight reminded me of all the wonderful Friday nights, where my parents, aunts and uncles, sat around the table playing penny poker or pinochle. The food would be plenty and the beer and soda would flow. Their laughter was abundant and the stories they shared were right out of a modern day sitcom.  None of them had much, but they had each other and tons of kids running around to yell at.

I look back on those times with fond memories. Those were the days of hard working post WWII couples who knew how to play respectfully, teach their children well, and be there for each other during good times and bad.  I am truly blessed to have had a family such as mine, with strong women who loved their spouses in good times and bad, for better or for worse, till death due us part.  My mother is 91 years young, and still going strong. She is an incredible lady and a wonderful mother and I can only hope to be like her ......... someday.

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