Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Far Away Land

The sea is my comfort, it calls out to me,
It takes me to places I'd much rather be.
In a far away land that no one knows of,
gathering riches and goods, many things that I love.

As I sit by the ocean and dream of these sights,
a large group of gulls stand up and take flight.
Where are they going, 
to a land that I love,
will they find all the things, only I can dream of?

I think of these lands I'd like to explore,
I'd be so exotic, not the girl from next door.
I'd speak my own language wherever I went,
the people would stare, but pay their respect.

The men would adore me and follow me round,
I'd reject their advances, like a boat run aground.
For men don't delight me, tis not what I want,
I'd fancy a women who's a real debutante.

Or I'd live a life by myself with mystique,
for riches and goods is my goal that I seek.
I'd need no one else for my life is my own,
my journeys and travels are for me all alone.

These riches and goods I seek for myself,
appear in my mind, they're for no one else.
For the wealth and possessions I claim so to love,
are actually dreams I only think of.

When the seagulls fly back on the beach next to me,
I remember the one place I so long to be.
It's the ocean my friend, it calls out to me,
My calm is the ocean, 
my comfort's the sea.

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