Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Danny Boy

We all know just how much Europeans love their dogs, and if you aren't aware of this, believe me, they do.  When my husband and I were in Belgium, I got to see how patrons of certain restaurants were allowed to have their dogs accompany them at the table, and even in their booths while lunching with friends.

My girlfriend Mechelle, who is also my interior designer (with impeccable taste), has become an overnight sensation in Europe all because of her beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, named Lilly.

Lilly taking a break from her interview and photo session
Miss Lilly is the sweetest, most lovable dog this side of the big pond.  I finally had the opportunity to meet her yesterday.  From the minute I walked into her domain, she greeted me with great enthusiasm and love. The one thing I noticed instantly was her attentiveness to me.  I have never met a dog that looks you straight in the eye when you speak to them.  Lilly was attentive, alert and ready for the camera.  A true cover girl~

In January, Mechelle decided to take her hobby one step further.  Due to her love of dogs and bringing them to life on paper, she made the decision to go into the dog portrait business.  After displaying her work online, her second piece was completed and sent to one of the world's oldest and most respected canine organizations, the Kennel Club of Great Britan, a commissioned portrait of a very special dog for their library.

Tony Nevett contacted Mechelle to create a portrait of Danny, a 3 year old greyhound and therapy dog who represents the Bark and Read Foundation which bring dogs into English classrooms in an effort to help children with reading disabilities.  These magnificant dogs help children become more at ease, as they struggle with deciphering the written word, showing them it is possible to overcome this disability.

Tony is Danny's owner and handler and couldn't be happier with the portrait.  Tony was quoted as saying, "It's fantastic and will be hung with pride at the library."  He came across Mechelle's portrait of a Cavalier dog after searching for days on the Web trying to find the right artist to portray Danny's beauty. He said, "I came across a drawing of a Cavalier dog.  Somehow, it just made me fall in love with it."  The pastels portrait he was looking at was Lilly, Mechelle's baby!

News travels fast and Mechelle feels like she's been swept up into a tornado.  She says this is all crazy and isn't quite sure what to make of it all just yet.  I think it's marvelous. With word spreading about her talent, she hadn't shared with others, the phone hasn't stopped ringing and she is busier than ever spending her days with pastels and photos.  Her office is very quaint, consisting of a new computer to help her manage her website and new blog, a beautiful bay window where Miss Lilly lays while Mechelle works and much loved portraits of dogs that have left this world and those who are still bringing joy to their families.

You can find her at   and

All I can say is, I'm very glad I have the interior of my home decorated to my liking, I don't know if Mechelle would have time for my requests with her new found business.  Looks like I'll have to change out my landscape pictures for some lovely portraits of mans best friend, and if I can't find what I like, I'll just have Mechelle create them for me!

Danny keeping an eye on his student
Danny showing how easy it is to read



Mechelle Roskiewicz said...

Thank you! You are a brilliant writer! Lilly sends puppy kisses xxxx!

Eagle-Eyed Sharon said...

Beautiful story! I so enjoyed it!


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