Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Perform a Virtual Surgery

  virtual hip resurfacing surgery site

My son told me this morning, he saw on the computer,  just how my hip resurfacing surgery was done.  He found this site in his Science class.

I was quite surprised to hear this and he couldn't wait to show me.  This is a really cool site and I now understand why my muscles were so sore afterward.  Lots to cut through, separate and put back in their proper place.

When I helped perform this surgery, I was most impressed with how the hip is dislocated and once the BHR device is put into place, how your leg is played with to make sure you have full rotation of the hip joint.

I invite you to have some fun in the OR.  Don't worry, this is in cartoon mode so there is not a lot of blood.
Let me know if you were successful with your first surgery!

***for those who are more brave, and have a strong stomach, there are real photos of the surgery.  The site is just below the virtual entrance. However, they are very graphic because it is a real surgery, if you do not have a strong stomach I suggest you stay away.

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