Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday was an amazing day for a walk.

I entered the woods to gather natural supplies to dress a birdhouse I had, only to stumble upon mushrooms, plenty of them.  I have traveled the woods behind my house for years and have never seen so many toadstools.  Because of the wet summer we've had, they are abundant.

I had to go back to the house, grab the camera and start shooting.  I new there were many shapes, sizes and colors, yet, I had no idea just how many varieties lived in my woods.  Their names I am not familiar with but that's okay, because I like to name them myself.

The earthy smells were delightful and it was truly an enjoyable part of my day.

I hope you enjoy them. I just think they are a really cool part of nature! 

Tulip Toadstool

Red Sunset Mushroom

Brown Pansies Toadstool

Full Moon Toadstool

Spotted Pin Cushion Toadstool

Parachute Mushrooms

Black Eyed Susan Mushroon

Purple Sea Ray Mushroom

Sand Dollar Toadstools

Thumbtack Toadstools

Sea Urchin Mushroom

A Sunday Afternoon Hat
(if you can imagine a pretty little face at the very top of the mushroom)

The best TOAD stool of all-

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